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A Cruel, Barbaric, Psychopathic People

Posted by feww on May 9, 2008

Submitted by a reader

Weka found with arrow through eye

Weka shot with an arrow (Source: Stuff New Zealand)
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A tourist found the injured bird in a car park near Westport (New Zealand), on Thursday.

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8 Responses to “A Cruel, Barbaric, Psychopathic People”

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  5. morecynicalthanever said

    seen on an australian website
    “this group of itinerant sealers and whalers were a lawless, drunken, scabrous lot. In addition to all but annihilating the local seal and whale populations, they introduced, to the Bay of Islands region and beyond, prostitution, disease and firearms, the last of which they traded to the Maori who used them in bloody, internecine conflict. Despite such an unholy legacy, it can never be said the Pakeha didn’t have a keen eye for real estate.”

    on the nose or what.

    [One in the eye for pakeha!! KB]

  6. carmon said

    I’ve just stumbled on this website and like the content.

  7. Mike Hunt-Hertz said

    That’s not a Weka lol.

    • te2ataria said


      You’re absolutely right. I hadn’t seen the photo before. Weka has a pointed beak, and doesn’t look like a goose/duck.
      It seems neither our colleague who posted the photo in 2008, nor the journalist who initially posted it on Stuff, had seen a weka before.
      That said, the arrow through the eye manifests the extreme cruelty towards animals.

      Photo of another weka shot through the eye with a crossbow dart in 2009 is posted at http://www.stuff.co.nz/national/412483/Weka-found-with-dart-through-eye

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