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NZ Security Apparatus: A Secret Force Fighting Freedom

Posted by te2ataria on December 14, 2008

Title and commentary submitted by a reader

If the SIS and NZ secret police were benevolent forces, protecting the public and their freedom, they could have easily prevented the bombing of Rainbow warrior by their French colleagues.

NZ Greens want spy inquiry

(source: NewsTalkZ) – December 14, 2008, 4:20 pm

The Green Party in New Zealand is calling for an inquiry into the Police Special Investigation Group, following evidence it is planting spies in protest groups.

Police informer Rob Gilchrist has told the Sunday Star Times he carried out surveillance on protest and community groups like Greenpeace over the last ten years. Mr Gilchrist says officers also used a paid informer to gather information about the personal lives of group members.

Green MP Keith Locke says peace and environmental protesters are the conscience of society, not enemies of the state. He says it is important New Zealand does not end up like East Germany under the Stasi, where people did not know who was on their side.

Mr Locke says a few technically illegal protests do not justify the police treating these groups as the enemy and infiltrating them. Mr Locke says scarce police resources are being diverted away from combating the really dangerous people, such as those in criminal groups. He says the guidelines police operate under are wrong, and they need to be told they have no place infiltrating protest groups.

Mr Locke says he is worried such covert operations undermine the constitutional political policy of the police force. Copyright: the author or respective news agency

The former SIG informer, Rob Gilchrist, is a patsy. He is being used as a smokescreen to obfuscate the true extent of the spying by NZ govt., and as a cover for the SIS agents who directly infiltrate “activist” groups.

Interestingly, he was “discovered” by his ex partner [who else]  who’s reportedly “an animal rights and Labor Party activist.”  [And a trained spy-catcher!?] Come again, “a labor party activist?” Whatever happened to investigative journalism in New Zealand!

“The police informer, Christchurch man Rob Gilchrist, whose activities are revealed in today’s Sunday Star-Times, was a key member of various community groups during the past decade.” Source

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