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Govt. Desperate to Downplay Missile Test

Posted by te2ataria on March 30, 2009

Establishment-owned NZPA attempts pathetic cover-up!

About three hours after posting:

How to burn $10m of taxpayers’ money in a flash

It’s interesting how the establishment after reading the above suddenly scrambled to downplay the military exercise and misreport the cost of missile at $350,000 without uttering a single word about the cost of preparation, practice,  fuel, maintenance, etc.

The establishment-owned NZPA was so desperate to deceive the readers,  they even included the “350,000” figure in the stuff.co.nz URL to make it look “official.”

The fictitious figure of $350,000 is repeated three times in their 100-word “news” article.



The wholesale cost to the USAF of each AGM-65G was US$269,000 [$540,000] in 1999 .


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How to burn $10m of taxpayers’ money in a flash

Posted by te2ataria on March 30, 2009

Now you see it; now you don’t!

The wasteful morons at NZ “Navy” and “Air Force” burn $10million of taxpayers money in the sea in a blink!

The wasteful b*stards at NZ “Navy” and “Air Force” teamed up for a night launch of a live missile at a sea-based target, the right-wing NZ herald proudly reported.

The NZ “Navy” helicopter fires $10million of taxpayers money into the sea (top) and returns to the frigging Te Mana. Photos supplied.

To everyone’s relief, both the Sky Tower and Auckland’s Harbor Bridge were spared. [Can you imagine shooting a live missile into 1 million cubic meter of sewage?]

A naval Seasprite helicopter launched an air-to-surface missile, and returned to the frigging boat Te Mana. An Air Force P3 Orion also took part in the exercise east of Great Barrier Island.

The cost the taxpayers? Between $5 -$10 million, depending on how you calculate the wasteful “exercise.”

Is New Zealand “Navy” and “Air Force” a match for the Chinese? Americans, perhaps?

Well may be not. But they can stop the Australian military dumping their sewage over here!

Let’s hope there were no American tourists near the missile firing range!

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Sewage by Appointment

Posted by te2ataria on March 30, 2009

Hutt Valley sewerage pipe spews effluent into the sea

Up to a million cubic meters of sewage is being pumped into the Waiwhetu Stream, close to the Hutt River mouth over two weeks, as the sewage pipe ruptured in five places between Seaview and Pencarrow, the Dominion Post reported.

Waves of Sewage: The sewage overflow is carried toward Wellington harbor by the Waiwhetu Stream at Seaview. Image: PHIL REID/ The Dominion Post. Image may be subject to copyright.

The entire area is severely polluted and poses risks to fish, birds, animals, insects and even pakeha. However, the greater Wellington regional council said on Friday that they had detected only  “moderate level of contamination.”

“Yesterday, council environmental regulation manager Al Cross said water monitoring during the weekend showed the water was safe to swim in again. Anyone who ignored the signs and was drawn by the weekend’s sunny weather to swim would probably have been safe, ” the report quoted him as saying.

“Saturday’s reading showed one discharge point near Days Bay was four times the safe limit for effluent, but it was not near a beach and the discharge had stopped by yesterday.”


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