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Jewish Students Spoil Oktoberfest Party

Posted by te2ataria on September 21, 2009

sent by an “outraged” Jewish reader [edited by TEAA]

Jewish Students Donned in Nazi Uniforms Spoil Oktoberfest Party at Lincoln University

A group of Jewish students in Christchurch dressed as Nazis and concentration camp inmates to spoil the Oktoberfest Party at Lincoln University.

“The small group caused outrage when they turned up to a Lincoln University Oktoberfest party on Friday night. They wore Nazi apparel and were heiling Hitler and using slogans like ‘Sieg Heil’ and ‘Hitler’s my boi’.” Media reported.

Lincoln University Students Association president Megan Harte says their actions were tasteless and inappropriate. She is not surprised about the reaction from other students.

“Lincoln University is not a racist place. It has about 40 percent international students . . . this is not something that’s symbolic of most Lincoln University Students.”

Ms Harte is embarrassed for the students who wore the costumes, but says it is more of an issue around education and acceptability than the students expressing any racist tenancies.

“Got to remember that most of these students are 18 or 19 and they don’t necessarily know the symbolic nature of what they’ve done. I think that the students who complained had every right to do so.”

Ms Harte says the matter is now being dealt with by the halls of residence.

What Ms Harte probably doesn’t know, or leaves out, is the fact that such anti-Germanic activities conducted by Zionist Jewish communities are long-standing, and many similar “attacks” regularly occur throughout the world. These outrages are meant to  strip the Germanic people of any claim to racial culture, or vestiges of civilization, voiding and removing their national identity. The blueprint for these events are designed in Israel. The events are carefully planned by skilled bands of “adults” and staged  [acted out] by the more impressionable younger members, in this case probably 18 or 19 year-old freshmen.

Jewish Council Proclaims another ‘Fatwa’

The party [which was infested by false flag antisemitism,] has been called an “abhorrent demonstration of ignorance”, by the Jewish Council of New Zealand.

[Note: Jewish Council of New Zealand has objected to the “party,” NOT the “party spoilers.”]

New Zealand Jewish Council president Stephen Goodman [wielding the holocaust cudgel] said such trivialisation of the Holocaust was disappointing.

“It is not the first time and I doubt it will be the last either. In most of the cases we’ve found in New Zealand, it’s generally through a degree of ignorance that this sort of behaviour eventuates.”

Lincoln vice-chancellor Roger Field said:

“If some of the claims that have been made are correct, then I think some of the behaviour seems to be quite unacceptable.”

[A couple of patsies, who joined in unwittingly, would probably be made to shoulder the blame.]

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5 Responses to “Jewish Students Spoil Oktoberfest Party”

  1. concerned student said

    [Edited. The pattern that the author has mentioned is true and well proven. I go with the facts not hearsay from a nameless, faceless ‘disinformant.’]

  2. […] Jewish Students Spoil Oktoberfest Party […]

  3. concerned student said

    this forum is edited by a fascist and a racist. civilized discourse is not the aim of this forum, as the editor will simply censor any opposing/rational viewpoint.

    • te2ataria said

      Your comment is rude and without foundation. Your previous comment was disallowed not because you were expressing an opinion, but attempting to spread disinformation.

      Evidently, you have no idea what “fascism” means. Click on the link for a definition: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fascism

      Calling land thieves by name doesn’t make you anti “white” anymore than calling members of the Russian mafia “criminal” would make you Anti-Semitic, or Anti-European. See also: https://newzeelend.wordpress.com/pissant-pakeha/

      Comments are disallowed if they’re abusive, or spread disinformation.
      See: https://newzeelend.wordpress.com/editorial-policy/

      You are not forced to read this blog. If you don’t like what you read here you can stop visiting, in which case you’ll never find out the truth about many issues, but that’s your prerogative. Alternatively, you could start your own blog, point to ‘NewZeelend: Plumbing the Depth of Depravity’ and tell your readers why you are so upset.

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