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Spinning New Dimensions to News Sanitization

Posted by te2ataria on April 19, 2009

sent by a reader

The following ‘news’ herald a new chapter, an exciting dimension, to news sanitization, censorship, weasel wording and over-stretched euphemism by the creative advertising media in NewZ errant

One killed in road accident

A person was killed in a crash on Porirua’s Titahi Bay Rd, late last night.

Wellington Free Ambulance communications officer John Orsborn said a woman was understood to have fallen from a car before being struck by another vehicle. ”

[This sucker’s life was worth just over 40 words.]


Fatal crash closes SH1 in Northland

[This other sucker’s life was worth about the same number of words.]

Emergency services were at the scene of a fatal crash near Brynderwyn in Northland early this afternoon.

The crash happened on State Highway 1 north of the Brynderwyn Hill about midday, police said.

The road was closed and diversions put in place.


We know at least SEVEN (7)  people were killed on NewZ errant roads in the 24-hour period  starting Saturday morning. How did the advertising media report that?

First, the number of dead were doctored down from 7 to 4.
Second, the 24-hour period was stretched to cover “this weekend.”

Key Point

By trivializing road deaths, they are blamed on the ‘worthless’ drivers who were ‘justly’ killed, instead of the fatal roads and defective vehicles that need major overhaul and proper monitoring. New Zealand roads are among the deadliest in the world. Furthermore, up to 95 percent of all vehicles in New Zealand are defective and should have not be allowed on the roads.

Four die on roads

Four people have died on New Zealand’s roads this weekend.

One person died in the latest crash which happened in Northland today [Sunday April 19,2009,] north of Brynderwyn Hill about midday. …

A second motorcyclist, with the man at the time of the accident, was believed to have left the scene shortly after the crash. [?]

One person died after a crash in Porirua last night. …

Yesterday morning, a woman died after a three-car collision in Whenua pai, west Auckland.

Five or six other people were taken to hospital with minor to moderate injuries, Sergeant Stu Kearns said. … —NZPA [Who else?]


Man dies at Hastings party

A homicide investigation has been launched and a 25-year-old man was arrested at the scene after a 39-year-old man died at a party at a Flaxmere address, Hastings overnight.

Are you wondering why they  arrest other people when a man dies at a party?


Kiwi killed

[Note the sudden change of wording from “died” to “killed”]

[This mother’s life was worth  lots more words—nearly 300—because she died in the rich Kingdom of Brunei, her husband is a pilot in the local airline, and he should start counting her death compensation money—millions of it! ]



Impecunious pakeha contemplating get-rich-quick schemes should go cycle in Brunei,or Saudi Arabia, rather than get killed at a shabby Flaxmere address at poxy Hastings!

And what about that scumbag who broke her partners back?

Oh, the latest entry on that scumbag, one of about a dozen or so “this weekend,” had no less than 1,000 words. And while it mentioned that the scumbag had kicked Kristin Dunne-Powell in the back, it stopped short of saying that he had broken her back!


What about the Polynesian teen who was stabbed in the sewage city?

Funny you should ask that.  Here’s how Yahoo published the news of stabbing [their reports, too, come from NZPA. Who else?]

Young man stabbed in central Wellington attack

A 19-year-old man received severe facial wounds when he was attacked by a group of men after leaving a nightclub in central Wellington early this morning, police said.

The man, who was by himself, was chased a short distance before being attacked and stabbed in the face with a sharp object, probably a bottle. The attack appeared to have been unprovoked.

The victim walked some distance from the attack, and police found him shortly after 2am on Jervois Quay near Wellington’s waterfront.

The victim was described as a Polynesian man wearing a blue and white checked shirt, or white T-shirt, brown pants and brown boots. —NZPA


However, the perfidious pakeha at stuff.co.nz did an extra bit of cheating and censored the last paragraph.


Accessed at 21:17 on 19/04/2009 [stuff NZ page was “Last updated 20:49 19/04/2009”]

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