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New Zealand Violence Related to Biochemical Weapons?

Posted by te2ataria on June 7, 2008

submitted by a reader

No other nation [with the possible exception of Israel] is so pathologically violent!

New Zealand Children, like head-banging termites on a bad fungal trip, tear each other apart!

Violent assaults among secondary school students appear to be increasing, and girls are adopting a similar “pack mentality” to boy bullies. —Children’s Commissioner.

Aside from possible [some say obvious] genetic reasons, the psychopathological effects of hormone disrupters like dioxins, PCBs, and various relatives of DDT, which are found in abundance in New Zealand, seem to be among possible explanations for the unprecedented level of violence in that country. On the other hand, it is conceivable that New Zealand is being used as a testing ground for mind-altering biochemical weapons.

Is New Zealand a testing ground for biochemical weapons?

In 2000, without any apparent cause or pretext, a scientist working for a petrochemical company warned my friend never to travel to New Zealand. The scientist, says my friend who had no intention of ever vising that country, has since refused to provide any explanation.

The following excerpts are fromPack’ girls in school bullying by Alex Van Wel :

A Marlborough Girls’ College student needed hospital treatment on Tuesday after an assault in the school grounds, and on Thursday night a 14-year-old Waikato boy was beaten unconscious by a group of classmates at a Raglan Area School social.

The assaults, which are being investigated by police, follow a series of recent violent bullying incidents at Hutt Valley High School.

Parents of the Hutt Valley victims this month sought a nationwide inquiry by the Human Rights Commission into violence and human rights abuses in schools.

They say there has been a “systematic failure” of state agencies responsible for protecting children from bullying and playground violence.

As many as 75 per cent of schoolchildren reported incidents of bullying at school, although only about 10% of cases were categorised as serious bullying.

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