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New Zealand Sinking Like Titanic

Posted by te2ataria on August 17, 2009

Sent by a Sydneysider

Don’t let Kiwis take us down with them

There hardly enough lifeboats for Aussies, and Kiwis NOT welcome!

John Key, the appointed Prime Minister of New Zealand [since when the Sheep knew how to vote] is trying desperately hard to make trans-Tasman travel easier.

He is counting on Aussie ignorance to flock across the Tasman, and destroy the already moribund local ecosystems.

While admitting that departure tax and border security will not be affected, Key said  to NZ’s TV One’s Breakfast show.

“When you see the package you’ll see that we’ve significantly streamlined and made things more efficient and there’ll be gains – it’ll be a more domestic like experience.”

The former bank clerk and currency trader, who most probably had a working relationship with uncle Bernie [Madoff,] Mr Key confessed that a 20 percent fare reduction was most unlikely.

But what Key is after, is a single market economy with us Aussies, and a common tax system. He is determined to take us down with his sinking ship.

He is already blowing hot air up  our shorts, while sticking his big nose into our ear, whispering seductively, as he tries to reach for the zipper: “[My trip]  signifies two countries [with] such a long shared history in so many different ways”.

Kevin Rudd must move hid head out of his trousers and apply some common sense to the situation. The Aussie interests and Kiwi interest are mutually exclusive; they work directly against one another. Any single market economy will therefore work in favour of the impoverished Kiwis and against our own interests.

The equation is simple. For every 2 dollars we make, they do only 1 [and a bit.] While a single market economy would work against us; the Kiwis will reap the benefits handsomely.

Say ‘NO’ to a single market economy!


Every time someone flies [across Tasman,] another person dies [from the impact of global climate change]

[NOTE: The phrase “EVERY TIME YOU FLY SOMEONE WILL DIE!” was originally coined by FEWW Moderators.]

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One Response to “New Zealand Sinking Like Titanic”

  1. Mr. X said

    fuck you australian pigs, quit raping kangaroos and stay the hell out of MY Country, cos i know your trynna erode whatever little is left of NZs sovereignty, and that cunt john key sits on his arse with his finger up his poohole as tho nuffink is happening.

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