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Jewish Congress doing “win-win” game again!

Posted by te2ataria on October 20, 2009

Sent by a Jewish reader [edited by TEAA]

If at First Your False-Flag Backfires … Try, Try Again, Desperately …

What’s keeping Nazism alive? The Holocaust Industry and its ubiquitous war-porn museums, or a few foolish pupils from Auckland?

Still reeling from the shock of having their false-flag “Antisemitic” stunt exposed at the Oktoberfest Party earlier, the Jewish congress attempted at yet another “pro-Hitler” burst of sentiment by a couple of foolish pupils from the infamous Auckland Grammar.

This is how the 3-step “name them, forcefully shame them, get genuine-remorse out of them,” antisemitic brainwash con-game is choreographed:

Step One: Carefully select your chicks “goose or gander.” Dare them, intimidate them, or otherwise make them do something stupid like posing in front of a swastika in a swastika museum, wear Nazi uniforms, sing “Hitler’s my boi,” etc,  and never mind that they have absolutely no idea what any of it means because the larger audience you are playing to won’t have the faintest clue, either. Make sure the whole world hears about it through your global media network.

Step Two: Have the “survivors,” sympathizers, and brownnosers publicly rebuke them, shame them, even threaten them with unspecified but scary action. Make them apologize, again and again… and some more. Don’t accept their apology. Repeat last move. Make them apologize “in writing and in person.”

Step Three: Declare to the world that the “antisemitic” subjects are now broken and tamed…

Museum spokeswoman Karen Mason said the meeting was an emotional engagement said the boys appeared to show genuine remorse.

And make sure the whole population wet their pants in fear of being even accidentally associated with these social lepers:

She [Museum spokeswoman Karen Mason] said the country would have learned a lesson from this.

What will they do to them now? Will they circumcise the “Nazi worshiping” pupils?

Auckland Grammar principal John Morris told the reporters that the incident had happened in early 2009, however the school only learned of the photos last Friday after a “former pupil” viewed them on Facebook. Mr Morris said there was “absolutely no justification for the immature and unthinking actions of the boys”.

The pupils’ families were told yesterday and the boys will face unspecified disciplinary action.

Get the nearest “holocaust survivor” to ram the wooden Swastika in the heart of the antisemitic vampires

Holocaust Museum director Inge Woolf wants a meeting between the pupils and Holocaust survivors such as herself. [Oh what coincidence!]

What if the Auckland Holocaust Museum were to burn down to the ground with all of its objectionable Nazi paraphernalia and holocaust war-porn turned to white ash, so as to prevent all other future generations “worshiping Nazi symbols?”

Who is keeping Nazism alive? The Holocaust Industry and its ubiquitous war-porn museums, or a few foolish pupils from Auckland Grammar?

“It might seem a long time [ago] to them, but it’s still in the lifetime of young survivors.”

Ms Woolf fled from Vienna when the Nazis invaded, and came to New Zealand in 1958 after her family were killed in the Holocaust.

“It’s very upsetting for anyone that understands how terrible the Nazis were. We certainly don’t want that here in New Zealand – it’s not the way the New Zealand society behaves,” she said.

Mr de Bres said the behavior was totally inappropriate. “As an Auckland Grammar old boy I feel somewhat ashamed and I expect the school to deal with it, as they appear to be doing.”

He encouraged schools to use the Holocaust Centre to educate pupils about the war.

“It’s a kind of thing that certainly ought to be taught and, you know, in a sense there’s a failure when students take it this lightly.”

Secondary Principals Association president Peter Gall said the Holocaust was included in the social science curriculum but not every school covered it.

Returned and Services Association national president Robin Klitscher said the boys’ actions were disgusting. “Above all it’s profoundly ignorant and I think that is probably what causes the greatest offence.”

Mr de Bres, Klitcher,  Gall, Morris, take your heads out of your backsides. Encourage schools to educate their pupils  about the war in Afghanistan, Iraq and Palestine, which are happening here and now, instead of feeding them more of this Holocaust war porn.

For more than 60 years Nazis in Germany, if there were/are any alive, haven’t killed a single Jew. The Israeli occupation forces, and Israeli-led military action through other world powers, on the other hand, have been responsible for the massacres of millions of Christians, Muslims, Buddhists and others throughout the world.

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6 Responses to “Jewish Congress doing “win-win” game again!”

  1. […] following quote by a Jewish reader comes from TEAA’s Blog: For more than 60 years Nazis in Germany, if there were/are any alive, haven’t killed a single […]

  2. Reader said

    I don’t understand why people hate Nazi. that is true they have a ugly past time, But it is not applicable to hate or ignore them.

  3. EB said


    The utility of Newspeak for the maintenance of an indoctrinated mindset. You criticise Zionism on this site for the same reasons you’d criticise National Socialism if it were still alive. Ideology and self-delusion run amok. You do good work!

  4. Samuel welsh said

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