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Why did the Swedes close down NZ Embassy?

Posted by te2ataria on November 1, 2013

Nearly All Senior Employees of NZ Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade Are Trained Spies!

On June 18, 2008, the Newzeelend Blog asked

Is NZ Ambassador to Sweden an SIS Agent?

The Swedes closed down the New Zealand Embassy in Stockholm effective  1 July 2012.

A Danish/German national who introduced himself as a “psychologist” and  worked for NZ Secret Intelligence Service (SIS) unit in Nelson, operated by the local manager of NZ Trade and Enterprise, said:

“Canada trains New Zealand’s secret service agents … these agents control everything around here …”

The blog has since discovered that:

Nearly All Key Government Positions in NZ Are Held By SIS Agents!


Two of New Zealand’s top toilet spies [SIS agents] were appointed as ambassadors to Russia and Thailand.

Appointing spies as a country’s ambassadors abroad is of course against all diplomatic protocols and may indeed be illegal under various international conventions.

Both appointees are seasoned spies who were recruited by New Zealand Security Intelligence Service (SIS) and trained by the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS), the primary intelligence agency of the Canadian govt.

Your Excellencies, meet the New Zealand Ambassador!  [March 19, 2009]

The appointment of New Zealand spies as ambassadors to Russia and Thailand comes amid Russia’s declared intentions to undergo  “large-scale” rearmament.

“From 2011, a large-scale rearmament of the army and navy will begin,” Russian president Dmitry Medvedev said on Tuesday.

The NZ ambassadors will use New Zealand’s fake pacifist image to spy on Russians and other foreign nations.

SIS and other New Zealand government agencies already spy on a vast number of New Zealanders.

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Another French woman killed?

Posted by te2ataria on February 9, 2011

French Tourist Missing for 16 Days

French backpacker vanished in the South Island two weeks ago

Here’s yet another visitor missing in New Zealand. We hope this is another Psyop by NZSIS “dirty tricks” department to discredit this blog, and that she would be found alive and well.

Emilie Pace, 23, is missing for 16 days.

Emilie Pace, 23,  arrived in New Zealand on January 3 and was travelling alone in the South Island. Police says she was staying at flea motels [aka, backpackers accommodation,] since her arrival.

Miss Pace has not contacted her family since January 23.  “Emilie had been in regular contact with her family by email and phone up until the time of her disappearance. They say her lack of communication is out of character. ”

“Her Facebook page shows she last logged in on January 23,” according to a report.

To confuse the issue regarding her disappearance, police say “she was possibly still in the Central Otago or Southland region, as she stayed in Manapouri for two nights on January 26 and 27.”

Key to Her Disappearance?

It is understood that Miss Pace had intended to walk the Milford Track, or travel to either Stewart Island or Dunedin, the report said. However,  police has found no records of her being registered either to walk the Milford Track or making the crossing to Stewart Island.

One Adventure TOO MANY in Queenstown?

Emilie wrote in her blog entry that she’d arrived in Queenstown, the “town of adventure”, according to the report.

“‘Anyone with any information should contact Acting Detective Sergeant Matt Jones of Queenstown Police on 03 441 1600.”

Dead Body Found Floating

Meanwhile, police farce say someone has spotted a body in the flow of the Clutha River north of Beaumont, but they have not yet been able to recover the corpse.

On average, two foreigners are killed in New Zealand every three days.

At least 2,024 foreign students, tourists and new immigrants have been Killed in NZ between  January 2000 and 8 February 2011 [About 10,000 others seriously injured.]

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