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Ramming War Propaganda Down Your Throat

Posted by te2ataria on November 11, 2009

sent by a reader in the UK [Edited by TEAA]

The war mechanics have it in for you!

Ramming the War Dildo Down Your Throat and Up Your Tushi

Whether they are selling you war with the boobs on tanks gimmicks, the pathetic ANZAC Day way, or through the Armistice nostalgia crap, the war mechanics have you hooked by your private parts.

the war dildo - boobs on tanks
Ramming the War Dildo Up Your Tushi: By Hooks, Crooks and Massive Boobs!
Chelsea Charms, who claims to have the world’s biggest breasts, sits on a tank, selling the occupation war in Afghanistan during the ‘Boobs on Bikes’ parade along Queen Street [September 23, 2009.] Photo by David Rowland/NZPA. Image may be subject to copyright.

Take the latest outrage, an affront to sanity and human dignity!

Students have been asked to write speeches about war in the Cyril Bassett VC Speech Competition. The prize is a trip to Gallipoli. This time it’s a return trip. The next time, it would be one way without so much as a VC cross.

Corporal Cyril Bassett, who received the VC for his bravery under fire at Gallipoli Corporal Cyril Bassett received the VC for his bravery under fire at Gallipoli. Some of his 2,271 dead comrades got wooden crosses, and 4,752 others who were wounded got f**k all, presumably because they weren’t as brave as him.

This writer’s grandfather got £5 for losing his brother to WWII  (and NO medals).

The competition is named after the first New Zealander to win a Victoria Cross for bravery in World War I. Corporal Bassett, VC, reportedly “braved intense enemy fire at Chunuk Bair on the Gallipoli Peninsula several times to repair communications lines.”

How do we know that? War historians… ok … . Well, to be honest with you …

Why did he go to war in the first place? The Ottoman soldiers were advancing in … err… on Otago!

To tell you the truth, everybody was fighting those days. Look at Afghanistan and Iraq. Isn’t the enemy still fighting us there even today?

“It was just that I was so short that the bullets passed over me”, He later said, reluctant to talk about his VC.  “All my mates ever got were wooden crosses.”

Some 8,556 New Zealand soldiers landed at Gallipoli, of whom 2,721 were killed and 4,752 wounded. But only one man won the VC jackpot prize. Presumably, the rest of them were considered not brave enough to win a prize because they refused to risk their lives for their slave masters.

“Too bad they were slaughtered in trenches like chickens in a coop,” a certain politician might have been heard saying, “they had the option to die like real men!”

What an insult to the 7, 473 dead and wounded in the Gallipoli Campaign. They didn’t get even a lollipop consolation prize. It was almost as bad as molesting the secondary school students with the war dildo.

Why the school war speech competition?

Honorable mention for anyone who gets this one right!

[Hints: An old Chinese psychological system of influencing the mind, which was successfully reintroduced in N. Vietnam on American POWs. You become what you write about. Also a trick used by marketing firms for deep-branding.]

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SAS Ladies Cry Foul

Posted by te2ataria on September 27, 2009

sent by a reader in Sewage City [Wellington]  and edited by TEAA

Yes, Ladies, It’s your Turn in the Barrel on Wednesdays!

Didn’t anyone tell SAS they are being used as cannon fodder?

This week’s capital ‘S’ for stupidity must go to the SAS commander for not realizing that her ladies were being used as the sacrificial lamb in Afghanistan!

Members of New Zealand’s Special Air Service have expressed grave concerns about the dangers of the mission they have been given in their latest deployment to Afghanistan.

One of their war pimps [commanders] is on record as saying that  some of his girls were “extremely uneasy about the combination of an increasingly deadly insurgency and the high-risk missions.”

The commanders’ comments come at a time of record deaths for US forces and their allies in Afghanistan. In recent weeks American and Nato commanders have openly discussed the possibility the conflict may be lost. On Thursday, five US soldiers died in three incidents in Afghanistan; a total of 769 Americans have died in Afghanistan and neighbouring Pakistan and Uzbekistan since the US invaded in 2001. …  six Italian soldiers were killed earlier this month when their convoy was hit by a car bomb in Kabul previously regarded as one of the country’s few areas of relative safety.

Without releasing any details, the Sunday Star-Times has said that the new asSASsination missions are “far more dangerous than that carried out on deployments between 2001 and 2005.”

The unit’s latest mission, approved by Prime Minister John Key, will see SAS men in close-quarter battle in urban areas. Close-quarter battle is one of the most complex and hazardous areas of special operations, often leading to intense firefights at very short range. Soldiers from other special forces have been killed on such missions in Iraq and this month in Afghanistan.

We are also told that:

Previous SAS deployments, by contrast, have focused on long-range patrols and rural reconnaissance. The SAS also took prisoners during “snatch and grab” operations, which led to controversy after revelations they were transferred to US custody at Kandahar, where torture was occurring. The Star-Times has learnt the government has signed a secret agreement with Afghanistan to protect the latest SAS contingent and other soldiers from legal implications of complicity in torture.

New Zealand violated the Geneva Convention, laws against torture and  committed war crimes when our “elite” assassins, the so-called SAS troops,  handed over 50-70 Afghan prisoners to the Americans at a detention center in Kandahar, southern Afghanistan in 2002.

Meanwhile, a report by General Stanley McChrystal, America’s top commander in Afghanistan, which was leaked to the Washington Post, has concluded that failing to quash insurgents within a year “risks an outcome where defeating the insurgency is no longer possible”.

Would the New Zealand Assassins make any difference to the outcome of the US  lost war of occupation of Afghanistan?

Former New Zealand diplomat Terence O’Brien said there was no evidence special forces would make a difference. “There’s no assessment of what they’re doing. It’s all covered up under the rubric of security.”

How could John Key be so ruthless as to commit NZ troops to a lost war?

O’Brien said Key wanted to curry favour with the US, but could have done so without sending the SAS to Afghanistan. Committing to the current deployment was like being stuck to a tar baby. “We’re in an absolute bugger’s muddle now,” O’Brien said. “We’re there, and the question is, how to get out.”

War Criminal John Key must resign NOW and hand himself in to the International Court of Justice to be tried  for committing war crimes and crimes against humanity.

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NZ ‘Comfort Soldiers’ Pose with Bomb in Afghanistan

Posted by te2ataria on September 5, 2009

sent by a reader [Edited by TEAA]

What are the similarities between female Israeli teens, and NZ ‘Comfort Soldiers?’

1. Both pose with the bombs!
2. Both provide comfort for the male soldiers.

Hours after another NATO air strike killed 90 people in Afghanistan, most of whom where civilians, the New Zealand military HQ leaked photos of kiwi ‘Comfort Soldiers’ posing with a bomb.

The photo is very similar to the Israeli military PsyOp photo below:

israeli teens sign bombs to be dropped on Arab kids
Female Israeli teens signing bombs before they were dropped on Arab kids. Photo Afp. Image may be subject to copyright.

bomb and nz army fags
New Zealand ‘comfort Soldiers’ in Afghanistan were photographed  posing next to a large bomb, just hours after another NATO air strike killed about 90 people, mostly civilians. Photo: NZ Herald/handout.

NZ soldiers are reportedly based at Bagram, and have been in Afghanistan for about four months. The bomb has been decorated with Demon energy drink stickers displaying the company’s “no limit no laws” logo.

According to an American war veteran, now an antiwar activist, the main role of the NZ ‘Comfort Soldiers’ in Afghanistan and elsewhere is to provide ‘sexual favors’ [playing ladies] for the more aggressive, masculine soldiers from other NATO countries.

One thing we learn from this, however, is that the scenario for the massacre of both the Palestinians and Afghans is written by the same ‘policymakers’ in Tel Aviv.

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Another NZ Rape Army Scumbag Surfaces

Posted by te2ataria on April 18, 2009

Another New Zealand Rape n Racketeering Army Scumbag held on sex and assault charges

pakeha Defence Force spokesman Bas Bolyn said the scumbag would be tried on seven charges, including

  • Assault by a male on a female [Yes, the same as Tony Veitch!]
  • Indecent assault
  • Doing an act likely to prejudice service discipline [Are you kidding? ]
  • Sodomy

“The court martial would be held at Trentham Military Camp, north of Wellington, on April 27 and was expected to take three days,” the advertising media reported Bas Bolyn as saying.

[What does Bas stand for? Is it short for Bas***?]

The unnamed scumbag, if found guilty, automatically qualifies to join the SIS!

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More of NZ Rape Army Scums Surface

Posted by te2ataria on December 11, 2008

Submitted by a reader:

NZ Rape n Racketeering Army Scumbag #1 of the Week

A NZ rape n racketeering army instructor demanded a female soldier to give him a “blow-job”  in order to pass her course.

The scumbag lieutenant-colonel, an army rape instructor, demanded a female subordinate, who was training to become a major, to give him a “blow-job.” However, “Hot Lips” was already being “rogered” by another soldier.

It was later revealed that the scumbag lieutenant-colonel had “rogered” other soldiers, and there had been a dozen or so complainants.

“A 26-year-old instructor was sentenced to two months in military prison and sacked for kicking and punching recruits at Waiouru last year, while in another case a woman in the navy was hospitalised after reportedly being bullied.” A report said.

Of course, this is just the tip of the iceberg for what happens in the NZ rape and racketeer army.  Some 99% of all other forced sexual favors are never reported. Having to perform sexual favors within the armed [with condoms] forces are considered as an unavoidable inevitability of the job, heroic sacrifices made for the nation.

NZ Rape n Racketeering Army Scumbag #2 of the Week

Retired NZ rape n racketeering army scumbag major and his wife defrauded other army personnel of $1 million.

Retired NZ rape army major George Frederick McIntyre has been jailed for three years three months for conspiracy to defraud and obtaining money by deception. [Strangely, NZ govt departments, banks and businesses have immunity from prosecution for the same crimes!]

McIntyre’s 34-year-old wife, Jennifer, who pleaded guilty to similar charges was jailed for two years eight months earlier.

The couple had reportedly used McIntyre’s army contacts to approach investors, one of whom was dismayed for having $60,000 stolen “by a trusted friend.”

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