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Jaws Attacks Teen in NZ Shark-infested Waters

Posted by te2ataria on February 2, 2010

Invercargill Girl, 14,  Survives ‘Attack by a Shark’

Surviving sexual advances by the police, politicians, music/TV/film stars, rugby celebrities, her peers,  and Moko the Dolphin, the 14-year-old Invercargill girl allegedly survives attack by a butt-biting shark.

Lydia Ward’s mother said the shark’s bite penetrated her wetsuit and skin, as she pounded the creature with her body board to make it release her butt from its grasp. The shark wouldn’t let go of her hip, as she fought it in waist-deep water at Oreti Beach near Invercargill last night, a report said.

“Lydia thought she stood on the shark, tried to move away and stood on it again,” her mother said according to the report.

“I saw my brother’s face and turned to the side and saw this large grey thing in the water so I just hit it on the head with a boogie board,” Lydia said.

“I’m sort of fine. It still doesn’t really feel real that it actually happened.”

Her brother, who was swimming close to her, said the shark was about 1.5m long, and considers himself ‘lucky” because the shark had not tried to bite him instead as he was not wearing a wetsuit.

Lydia and her brother ran to their dad.

“Dad though I was crazy when I came out of the water but then I showed him the wetsuit and he was pretty shocked.”

Her mother, Fiona, still finds it hard to believe her story.

“She just came out and said ‘I’ve been bitten by a shark’ and honestly, the terrible thing about it was I thought she was having me on and then she just pointed to her wetsuit and there’s the bite marks.”

“I was like, ‘for real’, and her brother who was in the water with her said ‘yeah it was this big grey thing came out of the water'”, and showed the shocked parents the size of the fin.

Lydia’s parents rushed her to the town hospital’s emergency department but gave up after a long wait.

Her mother, Fiona, said neither Lydia nor her 15-year-old brother planned to go back into New Zealand waters in the foreseeable future.

One Response to “Jaws Attacks Teen in NZ Shark-infested Waters”

  1. sharpie said

    I was told by a Kiwi that sharks “only hang out where the seals are”. This is 100% not true. They were hanging out in WHANGAREI not long ago, a city not known for seal populations.

    And I am talking about the aquatic sharks, not the human ones.

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