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Air New Zealand Flying Coffin Crashes in the Mediterranean

Posted by te2ataria on November 28, 2008

Reconditioned Air New Zealand Airbus A320 ‘dropped’ into the Sea

The greedy Air New Zealand boss and his equally unethical board of profiteers wanted more bang for their A320 buck

Two Germans and five  New Zealanders were onboard the Air New Zealand Airbus A320 which crashed into the Mediterranean off Perpignan, southeastern France, earlier today. There were no survivors.

The Airline industry is NOT doing well. Airbus A320 seats about 150 passengers and its becoming increasingly difficult to fiind the passengers. The crashed Air New Zealand A320 was four years old [possibly five.] It had previously been leased to two other chartered airlines for a total of more than three years, and was being returned [after being “reconditioned”] to Air New Zealand.

The greedy Air New Zealand boss, Rob Fyfe, and his equally unethical board of profiteers wanted more bang for their A320 buck. It’s not known how much money Air New Zealand will receive from the insurers.

An Air New Zealand A320 similar to the one that crashed in Southern France.
. Image may be subject to copyright.

The information desk attendant at Perpignan Airport, said the plane dropped into the sea very quickly.

“The aircraft crashed direct … It’s not far from the airport. That’s why the aircraft was not very high in the sky … a lot of people saw the crash near the coast of Cannes.” She told reporters.

A French journalist said: “It’s not really clear on what happened … the plane was flying for one hour and a half and suddenly fell down to the sea … There was no explosion, it was flying [at] 300m and suddenly fell down into the sea, but no explosion.”

According to at least one aviation expert, the A320 is “one of the most reliable and safest” aircraft ever built.  So why did it crash? Was it an own goal? Perhaps we’ll know one day!

The crash came on the anniversary of another deadly Air New Zealand disaster which killed 257 passengers and crew when the plane smashed into Mt Erebus while on a sightseeing flight (!) in Antarctica.


Wreckage from another Air New Zealand aircraft, flight TE90, strewn on Mt Erebus in Antarctica while on a sightseeing flight. Some 257 passengers and crew were killed. Source. Images may be subject to copyright.

In Air New Zealand’s Mt Erebus disaster, both pilot error and Air New Zealand [they changed  the flight plan without informing the crew] were at fault, according to separate inquires. High Court Judge Peter Mahon, head of the royal commission of inquiry, accused Air New Zealand of intentionally misleading the inquiry through an “orchestrated litany of lies.”

The establishment didn’t like the decision by their own trusted judge and had it overturned by another poodle judge, to avoid paying adequate compensation to the families of the victims.

Come Fly Air New Zealand: Our pedigree sheep lamb aircraft are fully “reconditioned!”

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37 Responses to “Air New Zealand Flying Coffin Crashes in the Mediterranean”

  1. Alice said

    Bet someone wanted some of the people on there dead and the plane was tampered with.
    Note exactly WHICH New Zealanders died on there. People who “know stuff”.

  2. David Russell said

    [Commercial advertising for Air New Zealand. Comment rejected. Moderator.]

  3. te2ataria said

    David Russell – Your comment smacks of commercial advertising for the ailing airline. See Editorial Policy.

  4. Carolle said

    [Commercial advertising for Air NZ. Comment rejected. Moderator]

  5. te2ataria said

    Carolle – see above for reply I gave to David Russell.

  6. D Marker said

    [Comment withheld awaiting clarification.TEAA]

  7. te2ataria said

    D Marker – if you are an eye witness to the crash, an Air NZ shareholder who’s fed up with the management and has some insider knowledge, or a disgruntled employee willing to blow the whistle, as it were, I’ll publish your information.

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  14. msrb said

    Airbus Must Come Clean

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  19. annonamus said

    refuring to the anz a/c as “flying coffin” is an called for

    [Did you mean referring? Moderator]

  20. IC said

    awesome blog

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  22. Fire Earth said

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  24. te2ataria said

    Pilot error, tubes caused Air NZ crash

    “A combination of pilot error and faulty sensors caused an Air New Zealand Airbus to crash into the Mediterranean killing all seven people aboard, a French judicial inquiry says.

    “The plane crashed into the sea off Canet-en-Roussillon on November 27, 2008, killing five New Zealanders and two Germans.

    “An interim report issued last year by the Paris-based Bureau d’Enquetes et d’Analyses (BEA) said cockpit flight and data recorder readings had showed that the plane stalled during a low-speed, low-altitude test manoeuvre as it was coming in to land at Perpignan airport.

    Full article …

  25. morecynicalthanever said

    If the pilots are as high as most of the bus drivers are, I am surprised more accidents don’t make the buttlines.

    [Air New Zealand pilots are bus drivers with a marginally higher IQ. The reason why “more accidents don’t make the buttlines,” is gov/media censorship. Please search blog content. Moderator KB]

  26. Marty said

    Air NZ has 3 soul losses. Erebus in 1979, A Fairchild in 1979 and the recent XL incident. The XL incident has been finalised as 3 Pitot failures and Pilot error. The cabin loop all has their say but the final call is up to the pilot only.

    [Do you work for AIRNZ? Moderator.]

  27. marty said

    My previous comments have not been published so I guess one more try hoping to get the site moderator to accept valid comment. […]

    [This moderator has not seen any previous comment by you, but the above was edited because it was too long and void of content. ]

  28. marty said

    Thanks moderator. No I don’t and never have worked for Air New Zealand. I am from NZ and do reconise the NZ as well as overseas countries promoting us as “clean and green”. We have many many […]


  29. marty said

    No, try retail manager and telecomications project manager.

    [Marty, the rest of your comment is govt propaganda, despite your claim, so it got the chop. What’s all this flag-waving about? Moderator]

  30. marty said

    Me again lastly. If you have any decently [YOU MEAN DECENCY?m] please remove the pictures of Erebus you can keep going with your opinions of NZ or Airbus etc but these are offensive and from from 1979.

    Sincerely Marty.


  31. marty said

    I will be away for some time so my last comment is foreign tourists have the right to make their own decisions so the only proof is how many people fly on NZ aircraft. Crashing aircraft is not good advertising- Just my opinion. Marty

  32. marty said

    One question please. What country are you (The moderator) from?

    Kind regards


    [There are eight of us. Which of the co-moderators did you have in mind? Moderator one of eight!]

  33. aswch said

    “We are Legion” should have been the answer *g*

  34. marty said

    Hi, why not each of the eight.

    [Maori: 2; pakeha: 4; Aussie:1; U.S.: 1]

  35. Pamela said

    [Who are you sucking it up to? Moderator]

  36. KP said

    Knowing what I know about Air NZ, anyone who flies their wrecks must be CRAZY!

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