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New Zealand Kills 2nd Brit Called Libby

Posted by te2ataria on May 4, 2009

In New Zealand negligent homicides are called ACCIDENTS!

Up to 99 percent of all used cars in this country are defective. Nearly 100 percent of the roads are dangerously constructed and deadly.

Elizabeth Daisy Moss (Libby) was another Brit who was killed on New Zealand death roads UNNECESSARILY!

elizabeth-daisy-mossA TRAGIC and UNNECESSARY END to the life of a daughter, sister and friend.  Elizabeth Daisy Moss was killed on New Zealand death roads. Her Fate was sealed the day she emigrated to New Zealand. Had she stayed in England, or emigrated to any country other than New Zealand, Iraq and Afghanistan, she probably would have still been alive.

A tribute to her read: “For 19 years she shone brightly, but in the early hours of Thursday the light that emanated from Elizabeth Daisy Moss was put out, but never spent.”

Libby’s fate was sealed when her family emigrated to New Zealand. Her death clock started ticking five years ago.

Her grieved parents Alan and Julie Moss, and two brothers Harry, 18, and George, 15, came from Stafford in the English Midlands, presumably in search of a better [sic,] safer [sic] life.

Now their only daughter and sister is dead.

Her mother said: “She was a girl who just stood out … she was only here for 9 years but she lived every day to the full,” she said. We’re just grateful we had her, just really grateful for every day we had with her.”

Libby was a second-year marketing and management students at the Southern Institute of Technology and worked part time as a waitress.

Libby’s car, in all probability a defective vehicle like nearly all used vehicles in this country, went out of control on Oreti Rd, Otatara, fell into a into a ditch, hit a culvert and rolled at about 12.30am. She managed to climb out of the car and walk across the road, but reportedly died from internal injuries. Emergency services [from hell] arrived about 3 hours later.

Our thoughts go to the family and friends of Elizabeth Daisy Moss, the latest victim of the New Zealand Nightmare!

The blog Moderator and contributors would like to draw the family’s attention to the following posts:

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NZ govt sticks it to migrants, again!

Posted by te2ataria on May 4, 2009

Like a snake rearing to release its venom, NZ govt strikes the defenseless migrants, AGAIN!

Migrants suffer big losses as law changes

Monday May 04, 2009
By Lincoln Tan

Hundreds of would-be immigrants are today in limbo as a law comes into effect that could stall their bid to live legally in New Zealand.

The Immigration Advisers Licensing Act requires mandatory licensing of all immigration consultants, but so far just 171 of an estimated 1200 have bothered to get the proper documentation. Many are part-timers who have been put off by the $1995 cost of a licence.

The Immigration Advisers Authority had hoped up to 400 would have become licensed in time for today’s law change.

Immigration New Zealand has said it will no longer process applications filed by non-licensed agents, meaning migrants part-way through the process could be left thousands of dollars out of pocket.

Some applicants have paid unlicensed agents up to $15,000 to work on their submissions, but authority registrar Barry Smedts says it cannot help to get the money back because it was not illegal to provide non-licensed immigration advice before today.

Licensed immigration consultant Tika Ram said clients of the 1000-odd advisers still unlicensed had been left confused about where they stood under the new law.

“Some clients have paid the full fees upfront, so they can’t just switch to a licensed adviser now without losing all their money.

“Advisers should have advised their clients that they will not be able to act on their behalf after a particular time-frame, but many did not.”

David Cooper, operations manager at immigration consultancy firm Malcolm Pacific, said the issue of licensed advisers had been “off the radar” for would-be migrants.

However, many were “waking up to the reality only in the last couple of weeks” after Immigration New Zealand printed forms warning that all applications submitted by unlicensed advisers would be returned.

Indian national Raman Balakrishnan paid $9000 to his unlicensed immigration agent, but is now “stuck” after a police certificate from India failed to arrive in time to beat the law change.

“I am in a no-win situation. If I let my agent lodge my application, it will be returned. But if I do it myself, I will still have to state that I received advice from an unlicensed adviser, and that will also mean that my application will be rejected,” he said.

“Does it mean I have to lie and say that I did not receive any immigration advice in order to get around it?”

Mr Smedts said the law still allowed would-be immigrants to represent themselves.

The relatively small number of licensed advisers was not necessarily a bad thing for the immigration industry, he said.

“The industry is now smaller, more professional and has a higher standard of overall expertise. I like to think of licensing as a sort of brand protection that supports good operators and punishes bad ones.”

But a local Chinese immigration agent – who did not apply to be licensed because of the cost – said the new law would drive many advisers underground.

Many would-be migrants would continue to seek advice from advisers within their own ethnic communities regardless of whether they were licensed.

“The law is just turning honest and respected community leaders into criminals, some of whom genuinely want to help the people in their communities.”

Overseas-based immigration advisers will have until May 4 next year to get a licence.

The authority defines immigration advice as “using, or purporting to use, knowledge of or experience in immigration to advise, direct, assist or represent another person in regard to an immigration matter relating to New Zealand, whether directly or indirectly and whether or not for gain or reward”.

Some people, such as lawyers and MPs, are exempt from needing licences, but the authority says the exemption “probably doesn’t cover many people in the not-for-profit, NGO [non-government] and government services who provide support and assistance”.


* All NZ-based immigration advisers must be licensed from today.
* Just 171 of the estimated 1200 advisers have so far got licences. [Note: New Zealand criminals get less for first degree murder!]
* A licence costs $1995.
* Unlicensed agents face fines up to $100,000, seven years’ jail and reparations.
* Overseas-based immigration advisers have until May 2010 to get licensed.

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New Zealand Rape n Assault Navy

Posted by te2ataria on May 4, 2009

This time a NZ Rape and Assault Navy scumbag surfaces

Just when you thought the NZ Rape and Racketeering Army [NZRARA] has too many bad habits to be sustainable, the Rape and Assault Navy steps in

Look girls [and guys, of course,] if you can’t face being raped, sodomized, assaulted by your petty officer, the NZ military is not for you.

Oh, and the petty officers lie to you when they say killing ‘colored’ people from a distance is like a cakewalk!

A 44-year-old NZ Rape and Assault Navy [NZRAAN] petty officer who entered a trainee’s bedroom while she was in her nightclothes pleaded guilty to common assault, media reported.

He “visited uninvited the home of a 19-year-old trainee, who was under his instruction at HMS Olphert, a naval reserve unit, in Wellington [overlooking the heavily sewage contaminated water,]” and “persuaded her to let him into her bedroom … then gave her a bear hug while teaching her to tie knots using her dressing gown cord.”

Other details were not made available.

The petty scumbag told the court he would be retiring from the Navy this month, after 19 years and 11 months of raping, assaulting and bullying the trainees, but refused to say what line of work he would be perusing.

Thousand to one, he would join the police force, since he has all the necessary qualifications.

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