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Auckland ranked ‘8th most liveable city in the world’ despite air pollution, the Chinese, murder rate, homelessness, traffic jams…

Posted by te2ataria on August 18, 2016

Sent by a reader – additional information added by Moderator N.

What will it take to have the ‘Pollution City’ rated as ‘8th most liveable city’ by scam artists like the Economist Intelligence Unit?

Auckland had New Zealand’s worst air pollution which is at levels nearly double that of Sydney, World Health Organisation data released in 2011, and has worsened since.

[Note: The Economist Intelligence Unit belongs to the Economist Group, which is owned by the world’s most powerful mafia families: Rothschild, Cadbury, Schroder, Agnelli and others… most of whom have massive investments in Auckland.]

POLLUTION CITY: Auckland’s air quality is poor and regularly exceeds national environmental standards. Credit: Fairfax Media

[“If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it…” –Joseph Goebbels ]

“The global liveability survey gave cities a rating which represents the challenges they present to lifestyle of people living there.

“The unit scored each city across five broad categories: stability, healthcare, culture and environment, education and infrastructure.”

“New York, London, Paris and Tokyo are all prestigious hubs with a wealth of recreational activity, but all suffer from high level of crime, congestion and public transport problems than are deemed comfortable,” said the report.

The fact that there are 12 times as many murders per capita in Auckland than in Tokyo, did not bother the report authors.

The final option for the failed Chinese?
Instead of seeing a balanced ethnic mix, Auckland started to acquire an unwholesomely Chinese flavour: Chinese state agent

Wondering about the other cities on the baseless list? Here it is:

Top 10 most liveable cities, according to the scam artists at The Economist Intelligence Unit

1. Melbourne, Australia
2. Vienna, Austria
3. Vancouver, Canada
4. Toronto, Canada
5. Calgary, Canada
6. Adelaide, Australia
7. Perth, Australia
8. Auckland, New Zealand
9. Helsinki, Finland
10. Hamburg, Germany

Damascus, Syria’s capital, [not the ISIS-occupied cities in Iraq, or Yemeni cities bombarded by the Saudi Government] was ranked as the least liveable city in the world.

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