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Screw us once, shame on you; screw us twice, shame on our gangster governments!

Posted by te2ataria on July 23, 2018

Sent by a reader in Sewage City [aka, “Wellington”] – edited by Moderator DH

Why do authorities allow wealthy foreign suspected criminals to screw the nation?

Earlier, they allowed the Silicon Valley Fairy Gangster to screw the nation, now it’s the NBC “rapist” turn! [And all that is just the tip of the iceberg!]

Why did the government allow the former anchor of NBC’s Today show to buy the lease to Hunter Valley Station last year?

“Matt Lauer, who was dumped by NBC over sexual misconduct allegations, managed to survive a good character test by the Overseas Investment Office (OIO).”

Now, taking a leaf from Frigging Peter Thiel‘s book, “How to Fuck New Zealand with Impunity,” Mr Lauer’s lawyer has indicated that the government must pay his client  potentially millions of dollars in compensation for the use of a second access point.

“In effect, he’s holding the country to ransom over this issue,” said a public access advocate.

The traitors in the Overseas Investment Office (OIO), and their counterparts in other government agencies, ought to be summarily tried for treason and put in front of a firing squad!


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Posted by te2ataria on November 17, 2013

“National Day of Action Against Rape Culture”

Saturday’s marches, part of the “National Day of Action Against Rape Culture,” were held in Auckland, Hamilton, Palmerston North, Wellington, Nelson, Christchurch and Dunedin in the wake of the Roast Busters scandal, where young Auckland men claimed to have had group sex with drunk, underage girls.

“New Zealand has had 31 police commissioners. Every single one of them has been male and they’ve all been Pakeha,” said Auckland barrister Catriona MacLennan.

“No doubt the Government will say that there are no women qualified to be police commissioner. That’s rubbish. It’s simply not credible to assert that not a single woman in New Zealand is qualified to be police commissioner.”

“We’ve had report after report telling us what needs to be done to improve court processes,” she said.

“What we’ve never had is a government to step up to the mark and actually do something – specialist sexual offence courts, use of an inquisitorial system, specialist training of judges, lawyers and police and many other suggestions.”

  • New Zealand has the highest rate of RAPE in the so-called developed world. But only 9 percent  of rapes [and sexual crimes] are reported [or registered by the police] in New Zealand according to government figures. Of the reported cases, only 13 percent end in a conviction.

  • 91 percent of the rapes either go unreported, or the victims are intimidated by the police to drop complaints.

  • New Zealand has the highest rate of child rapes in the developed world!

  • About one half all girls and a third of all boys in New Zealand are raped [or sexually molested] before the age of 16.

Why are so many children raped and sexually abused in New Zealand?

Rape is a torture routine, a weapon of mind control and subjugation used by the establishment to repress ordinary people in this country.

New Zealand has the highest rates of RAPE in the developed world

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Two-thirds of young NZers are suicidal

Posted by te2ataria on September 8, 2013

The title of article posted below should have been

“How the police state has made two-thirds of young NZers suicidal”

Those of you who read this blog regularly may recall previous headlines like “NZers are among the happiest nation in the world [despite having the highest suicide rates in the world,]” and so forth…

As for the other one-third, they join the police force or the military, kill a few brown people at home or murder in cold blood a dozen women and kids in Iraq, Afghanistan … , and then commit suicide.

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Here’s the article:

Nearly two thirds of young kiwis depressed

By: Bruce Russell| Newstalk ZB| Sunday September 8 2013 14:58

Nearly two-thirds of young New Zealanders are showing signs of depressed mood.

Recent results from the New Zealand Sovereign Wellbeing index have revealed the need to improve our wellbeing by encouraging a flourishing community.

University of Canterbury lecturer Tracy Clelland says the country rates very poorly compared with most European countries, particularly in the area of connecting with others in the neighbourhood.

“Things like more local events where people can come together, just making sure you knock on the door of the neighbour’s house, just making sure you know who your neighbours are.”

The theme for Mental Health Awareness Week next month is connecting with others.

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Another Family’s Tragic Experience in New Zealand

Posted by te2ataria on October 8, 2012

Sent by a reader

‘our underage child was victim of grooming and sexual crimes in NZ …’

“The document [posted at http://bit.ly/ourNZexperience] contains comments on our experiences from a large number of experts in NZ and around the world – over 30 professors and doctorates, NZ MPs, psychologists, members of the House of Commons and the House of Lords. The universal reaction to these NZ atrocities is horror and outrage. One MP in the House of Commons is so incensed that he submitted the above document to a UK parliamentary select committee.

“To date no-one has been held to account for these atrocities.”

The family can be contacted at their pseudonym email address: fpeterjackson@googlemail.com

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NZ kiwifruit pumped with antibiotic

Posted by te2ataria on May 28, 2012

Desperate kiwifruit growers inject their crops with the antibiotic streptomycin

Kiwifruit growers from Te Puke region have admitted illegally injecting their crops with the antibiotic streptomycin in order to stop the spread of PSA bacteria.

“… farmers that are illegally using streptomycin are injecting it into the vines at a much later stage which means that the fruit will contain residues.”  University of Canterbury toxicology professor Ian Shaw told APNZ.

The illegal use of streptomycin also had the potential to create antibiotic-resistant bacteria, he said.

About 94 per cent of kiwifruit produced in New Zealand is exported. In 2009, the kiwifruit export volume topped 365,000 tonnes, worth NZ$1.304 billion.

The outbreak of PSA bacteria, which was first discovered on New Zealand kiwifruit orchards in November 2010, has so far cost the industry about $900 million.

A large number of New Zealanders won’t touch their national fruit with a bargepole!

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Canadian Tourist Bitten on Penis by Venomous Spider

Posted by te2ataria on May 14, 2010

Something Painful about Canadian Tourists’ Unusual Pleasures?

Our regular readers probably recall The Dumbest Tourist of the Month Award, which went to another Canadian tourist in January.

Matt Brazeau, 36, a Canadian tourist needed hospital treatment after he was severely lanced by an stingray when he tried to get a piggy ride!

The Dumbest Tourist of the Month Award [MAY 2010]

Here’s another story of a Canadian tourist who got too friendly with venomous katipo spider, and was bitten on the penis. this is how NZPA reported it

A venomous katipo spider bite on his penis was the high price a tourist paid for a skinny-dip at a Northland beach.

The 22-year-old Canadian left his clothes in the sand dunes while he went for his nude swim and slept on his return, according to a report on the case in today’s online NZ Medical Journal.

“He woke to find his penis swollen and painful with a red mark on the shaft suggestive of a bite. He rapidly developed generalised muscle pains, fever, headache, photophobia [light sensitivity] and vomiting,” wrote Dr Nigel Harrison and colleagues who treated him at Dargaville and Whangarei hospitals.

By the time the man reached Dargaville Hospital, his penis was severely swollen, his blood pressure was up and his heart beat racing.

Chest pain and other symptoms developed the next morning and it was presumed he had been bitten by a katipo. He was treated with anti-venom medicine and rapidly improved.

However, heart problems persisted and he was treated at Whangarei Hospital and Auckland Hospital before returning to Canada.

Katipo spiders are known to have a highly specialised habitat in New Zealand sand dunes and will bite only rarely, and in defence.

This was the first known case of myocarditis, or heart inflammation, caused by a bite, Dr Harrison said.

A prompt diagnosis and the use of anti-venom resulted in a good outcome for the tourist, he said. Copyright NZPA


As for the ‘Dumbest and Sickest New Zealand Youth of the Month Award’, it  must go to the “Donkey Rapist.”

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1080 IS the REAL THING!

Posted by te2ataria on March 7, 2010

Department of Mental Constipation

DOC showered us with 1080 granules- contract workers

The Department of Conservation sprayed its own workers with the deadly 1080 poison during an aerial drop, the Taranaki District Health Board has been told.

“DOC sub-contractors told One News they saw a helicopter spraying weeds in Egmont National Park, which dropped 1080 pellets on top of them.” Nzherald reported.

On of the workers said that after he and 11 other colleagues left the area, the helicopter  returned and “dumped a whole lot more 1080 on us.”

He said they had no idea the drop was about to take place.

DOC said screw them, why should we warn the contractors; we have no obligation to tell anyone, or words to that effect.

DOC spokesman said:  “We don’t consider people were at risk while they were in the park while this operation was on.”

In January, Caroline Leone and husband Rodrigo Ferreira Santos, Brazilian tourists from Sao Paulo, who had saved for their “dream trip” to New Zealand because they thought it “was the perfect place for experiencing beautiful nature, amazing national parks and great landscapes,” were showered by a potent weedkiller.

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Another Toxic Joke from New Zealand

Posted by te2ataria on January 21, 2010

New Zealand: Clean and Green, Thanks to Powerful Chemicals

Brazilian couple,  showered with potent weedkiller while tramping, say New Zealand’s “clean, green” image is a toxic joke.

Welcome to New Zealand and Enjoy Your First 3 Poison Showers for Free!!

Caroline Leone and husband Rodrigo Ferreira Santos from Sao Paulo, Brazil, saved for their “dream trip” to New Zealand because they thought it “was the perfect place for experiencing beautiful nature, amazing national parks and great landscapes,” only to be showered by a potent weedkiller.

“I have no word to describe the anger I feel right now,” said Ms Leone who suffers from a medical condition which is made worse by herbicides and pesticides, NZPA reported.

“We could not believe what had just happened to us. We find it completely unacceptable and disrespectful as well as a deep violation of our rights not to be told that we were going to be exposed to any chemical spraying whilst tramping in a national park.”

“Karamea tourist operator Paul Murray, of Rongo Backpackers where the couple stayed, said they were visibly shaken and angry.” The report said, calling it “a blatant disregard for the rights of tourists and trampers”.

“Ms Leone said her medical condition, called endometriosis, was exacerbated by herbicides, pesticides and dioxins in the environment so she tried her best to avoid exposure.”

The couple reportedly experienced two other weed spraying incidents in the South Island, New Zealand. They had seriously believed New Zealand was a “clean, green” place.

“What happened to us is unacceptable in a country that sells its image overseas as ‘100 per cent pure and clean’. It’s just a joke,” said Ms Leone.

“Most times we would see 1080 drops around the tracks and when they spray they don’t seem to care if anyone is there. Many of the travellers we met were saying the same thing. New Zealand’s 1080 poison and weed spraying programmes will definitely have a big negative impact on your tourism.”

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